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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is 9news now. >> just 30 minutes ago, police removed the bodies of two teenagers from a house in triangle, virginia. >> 9news now was the first on the scene. surae chinn is there now and joins us with tonight's top stories. >> reporter: well, a horrible scene tonight as detectives work through the night. i just talked with a major just moments ago and he says two teens were found dead inside that home you see where the american flag hangs and the yellow tape. now, prince william county police say a 17-year-old girl was found dead in an upstairs bedroom, along with a male acquaintance. they are not saying the extent of the relationship but both were found dead from gunshot wounds. and both were students at forest park high school. their bodies were brought out of the house late tonight in the
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3900-block of oak dale circle. police are not giving a lot of information at this hour. they do say the girl's father came home from work to find his own daughter not breathing. >> the process we go through is to look to see what we find in the home about their personal life and we don't know yet. we're going to talk to friends and people at school tomorrow and see what is going on there. so it's too early on for us to say what the motive is. and so -- we don't want to go there with that yet. >> reporter: so are we saying it's a murder/suicide or not? >> they died of gunshot wounds. we don't know who killed who. so we're not going to say anything yet other than we're not looking for a murder suspect. >> reporter: now, you can see here tonight the police cars, the detectives also here. and they will be here throughout the evening on the street. they have not released the names of the two teenagers but no doubt it will be a very difficult day at forest park high school. reporting live at triangle, virginia, i'm surae chinn, 9news
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now and >> okay. thank you. new at 11:00, a trip to the gym ended with a trip to the hospital after someone opened fire outside a popular mall. all this started outside the gold 's gym in silver spring just before 6:00 tonight. the victim a 25-year-old man was on the sidewalk when two people apparently tried to rob him. one of the attackers shot that victim in the leg and police working nearby are shocked over the crime. >> all i heard was a gunshot. then i came out probably a minute later and i just saw this guy laying down on the floor just sitting down. the cops were really fast with it. it's really -- it's not really that common for it to happen down here in silver springs. >> it's really scary. i used to live like here. i never see anything like this. >> the shooting victim is expected to survive. police say one of the attackers was a black male with a tear drop tattoo on his face. if you have any information or leads, please call police.
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high profile democrats in virginia are hoping that a full court press at the last minute will win them some last minute voters. the governor's race is drawing to a close only hours before the vote. supporters on both sides are making use of every last moment. >> that's right. republican don mcdonnell spent the last few hours. kree deeds is down in the -- creigh deeds is down in the polls. >> we're going to win this. >> reporter: some call it denial. the creigh deeds supporters would be offended by that. governor tim mccain shows past examples. >> i was an underdog. >> reporter: to show why their candidate can win. >> creigh deeds can win if people come out and vote. >> reporter: they're trying to make that if a reality. >> i've done it all year. >> reporter: and this past
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weekend democrats have made a last-ditch effort to get out the voeted, contacting more than 620 -- vote, contacting more than 620 million voters. >> i'm not worried. >> reporter: meanwhile hours earlier in alexandria, republican candidate bob mcdonnell kicked off his last day of campaigning. >> we want to see more campaigning, more accountability. we want more innovation and privatization. >> reporter: he thanked the women in the audience, women he hopes will add to the turnout. and if you ask sims, that turnout matters even more in who people vote for. >> last year we had so many volunteers all across the nation. and we just needed to carry that over. but too many young people unfortunately are not actively engaged. >> reporter: something on the stage tonight for creigh deeds governor kaine, senator mark
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warner, senator jim web. on the other side sarah palin made a phone call but they're distancing themselves from palin. they had no firsthand knowledge of the phone call. >> all right. brittany morehouse. as you know, a lot of voters in maryland will be heading off to the polls tomorrow as well. they'll be picking brand new mayors. we have it on our website. it has the details on all of the elects plus poll hours and poll locations. again, that's so then as the voters roll out to the weather, what will they roll into. let's check in topper shutt for the forecast. >> at least for the early morning goers, there is no excuse not to get out and vote. here is the wake up weather. pretty much pure sunshine. and temperatures actually fairly mild for early november. 40 to about 50. and winds will be light in the morning. we'll come back, though, and talk about winds increasing. we'll take you all the way through election day including tomorrow evening. the weather is a little different tomorrow evening and, of course, we'll take you all the way through the week.
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some of the coldest air of the season is on the way. stay tune. >> thanks, top. a bleak reminder of the country's struggling economy. coming up at 11:00, look at what some families are now calling home. in tonight's flu alert, 30 million more doses of h1n1 vaccine became available today. they expect the supply to increase over time and eventual leet catch up with the -- eventually catch up with the demand. pregnant women who received the vaccine are well protected just from one dose but young children experts say young children need two doses. >> the risk of not getting the vaccine is much greater than the risk of getting it and the benefit of getting the vaccine is clear as we've just shown because it induces a sfons that would be highly -- response that would be highly predicative of being protected. >> they're starting to monitor the safety of the vaccine in the population. part of the federal government's promise to watch for possible
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side effects as more and more people get the shot or the nasal spray. let's take a look at local h1n1 clinics scheduled tomorrow. there will be a clinic tomorrow at hardy middle school from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. in montgomery county only pregnant women are being offered the vaccine right now. appointment can be made by calling the county health department between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. for a complete local list go to and look for the flu alert. derek. well, anita, topping news around the world in afghanistan tonight, voters who never got to vote and a president that didn't have to face another fight for a reelection. tonight they cancelled a runoff race and declared the current president winner of a second term. over the weekend, his challenger dropped out after deciding the election process was too corrupt. the obama administration wanted a rupoff. they hoped that would give --
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runoff. they hoped that would give more. commuters in northern california. the bay bridge is open once again. it has been closed for repairs for six days and that was a nightmare for about 280,000 commuters who use that bridge every day. but no traffic worries for the uss new york. the ship glided up to new york city, the place it was named for. that ship was built in part from steel from the fallen united center. the ship's commissioning ceremony will be this saturday. a woman survives after a crash. we have exclusive video from the accident scene, plus we'll hear from her mother. an e-mail from a local vet clinic ends with swat team agents surrounding the business and an airline is saying sorry for forcing a mother and her
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two-year-old son off the plane. 9news now will be back in less than two minutes. don't go away.
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we made some calls but no charges have come down yet in a deadly pedestrian accident. when emergency crews survived,
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they found her. the firefighters were able to pull her out from under the car but later on she died at the hospital. paramedic also treated the driver of the car and transported them to the hospital. no word yet on what caused that accident. a man accused of gunning down a teen on halloween night is now off the street. police say devin dixon fired more than 20 bullets into a house in columbia early sunday morning after a party killing 19-year-old aaron brice. bullets also hit nathaniel quirk leaving him paralyzed. they charged dixon with murder and attempted murder. they will vs charged dean schroyer has an accessory. meantime robbers who ransacked a pet clinic in north laurel are still out there. two employees walked right into the middle of the break in at the luv my pet center. the three armed men forced the victims to the back room. from there one of the women managed to e-mail police. but the men left before they arrived. no one was hurt.
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suv goes careening up a hill crashing just inches from metro subway track. only on nine, exclusive video of the rescue. plus this. >> all kinds of stuff now. >> record numbers of people in our area with nowhere to go. >> everything i own is in this camper now. >> an area campground that has become a refuge for the new homeless still ahead on 9news now.
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over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. a neighborhood is on edge tonight after two teenagers say somebody raped them while they were trick-or-treating halloween night. the two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old were walking near glenn dale plays a when it happened. they say a man walked up on the trio with a gun and forced them into a wooded area nearby and that is when he raped two of those girls. no arrest yet. but if you have any information, call the police. a woman is recovering tonight after crashing her suv within feet of metro rail tracks in rockville. you saw this story first as late breaking news at 5:00. only 9news now was there when emergency workers pulled renee smith out of her vehicle. she was approaching the twin brooks station parking area when her suv careened up an embankment, crashed through
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brush and a fence. smith's mom was on the scene. she said her daughter called her as soon as the crash went down. >> she called me from inside the car to tell me that she had had an accident. someone cut her off. and that the air bag had did its thing. and that she, you know -- she was waiting for the paramedics. that's all she said. i had no idea. >> thank goodness for the air bags. train service was not seriously disrupted, though, despite the close call. oh, baby. moms are giving southwest airlines an eitherful. southwest -- earful. southwest is now apologizing for kicking a mother and 2-year-old off the plane. the 2-year-old was making such a fuss they could not give their flight instructions. but we ran into one mom after another who said southwest got to deal with it. >> i have a toddler and i have another son on the way and i know i would be furious if they
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asked me to get off the plane. >> it's really outrageous. i know after traveling with my babies just a few months ago how stressful it can be to travel with a child. >> well, we want to know what you think. log on to and click on top stories to post your thoughts about all of that. if you plan to travel on or around the upcoming holidays, prepare to pay up. most u.s. airlines have increased sure charge 20 bucks each way. it used to be a $10 fee until today. delta, american, united, u.s. airways and northwest are all charging extra fees this holiday season. and tonight, bruce springstein running yet another musical marathon prancing and dancing around for hours across the stage. but it's right down the street. now, i could keep on talking about tonight's show or i could just shut up. so i'll just shut up.
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♪ music playing uz. okay. they only let us show you but so much of this. you had to be there. >> really good. >> it looked really good. >> year after year after year. he rocks. >> and tonight when he was doing born to run start to finish. >> wow. >> that was the whole album. >> i love them both. >> all right. >> you got grass. [ laughing ] music and weather is close. >> all right. we are looking at a very nice day tomorrow. no excuse not to vote pretty much across the board. here is the forecast first. the next three days sunshine tomorrow. 63. now, it will become breezy in the afternoon. but still a pretty nice election day. 57 on wednesday. clouds come in late. a little cooler. and really cool off on thursday. sprinkles possible. high temperatures only in the lower 50s. all right. the weekend is flanking me. and for once i don't feel like covering it up. pretty good weekend right now as
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we stand on monday night. forecast in detail overnight. clear skies and chilly. low temperatures 38-48. and light winds. have a full beaver moon out there. tomorrow morning, sunny with a cool start. 40s and 50s. winds southwesterly at ten. and, of course, howard will be here at 455 :55 with your bus stop forecast. high temperatures 60-65 and winds 10-occasionally 15. election day forecast, sunny, great breezy. temperatures 60-65. temps will fall quickly once the sun goes down and we have fallen back to standard time. so it goes down fret ee early, a little -- pretty early, a little after 5:00. but no rain or anything like that to get in your way. satellite picture radar combined, a little disturbance out in the plains today. it will sweep through here as we get into wednesday afternoon and
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wednesday night. that's going to usher in some pretty chilly air for us. perhaps the coldest air so far of the season. not much precipitation with it. it looks like a pretty dry week after almost six inches of rain for the month in october. that's quite a surplus now. all right. remember our zone forecast are on the web. 63 tomorrow. sunshine. and clouds come in wednesday with weak disturbance. rather chilly on thursday. flurries in the mountains. in with full sun on friday. i think low 50s may be it. but then it's november. it can't stay cold forever. we're back to 60 forever. sunshine. the boy scouts will drop off the food drive bag. and then put it back on your door the following saturday. sunday nice, 65. and then monday. partly cloudy. we're in the upper 60s. >> nice recovery. >> pretty good recovery. >> yes, it is. >> thank, top.
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a snapshot on how our economy is affecting some families, all you have to do is visit the local campground. >> as audrey barnes reports, the folks who want to call a campground home for a while are people who are lost their houses and are greatful camp grounds exist. >> it's the only place we have to live right now. >> everything i own is in this camper now. >> reporter: this 37-year-old just sold his house in salem, virginia. payments started to go up. >> reporter: he couldn't afford the mortgage payments. >> the collection people started hounding me on it. >> reporter: so he packed up his life into this 30-foot camper and hitched it up. >> this is home. >> so you moved into an rv? >> it's terrible. i had a houseful of furniture. all kinds of stuff. now i have this. >> reporter: camp sites have long been a symbol of family farm, but for the most part
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meant to be temporary. in this economy, though, they have become an affordable refuge for people with no place to live. linda gooden lives in this camper with her husband and 17-year-old son. >> a lot cheaper to come and buy the camper and live in a camper than it was to even rent. >> reporter: they moved to virginia from mississippi 18 months ago and can't find a decent house to live in that they can afford. >> we do have a roof over our heads and we are thankful for what we do have. but it is frustrating not to have a house. >> reporter: the family has given up a lot of privacy sharing laundry facilities and other amenities with all of the campers. most of their stuff is in storage while they wait for the economy to turn. >> we're not looking for a big expensive house. just a good family home. >> reporter: how long are you going to stick it out? >> as long as we need to. >> reporter: things are looking
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up a little for this man who found a job with an electrical contractor in virginia. >> they have work until january. >> reporter: after that, who knows. >> maybe one day i'll be able to get another house. i don't see it right now. not in the near future anyway. >> reporter: audrey barnes, 9news now and >> now, there are no official figures on how many people live at camp grounds because of now being homeless, but we did check on that. well, vacation time is over for the redskins. they had a week off. they needed it. >> yes. and i'm going to be an optimist and think that things are going to be different after the buy. would that make me a cock-eyed optimist, indeed it would. >> can they become the star? fred davis attempting to fill kris coolly's shoes. plus why this high school quarterback could play for the globetrotters. see you with 9 sports coming up.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> well, the yankees have 26 world series title. that's enough. number 27 was just a matter of time but that time would not be tonight. game five in philly. aj bernett pitching for the phillies. chase utley who has killed the yankees killed them some more. three-run shot. 3-0 phillies lead. two men on. base knock into right field. ryan howard comes around. that makes it 5-1. we go to the 7th and philly up 6-2. utley again and then ibanez three batters later. it's utley's fifth homerun of the series. 8-2 phillies there. yankees made it interesting with three in the 8th but phillies hangs on game six wednesday in new york. all right. in the military they call it a
11:29 pm
battlefield promotion and that is what redskins tight end fred davis has received. the pro bowler kris coolly is out for the next four weeks. so the second man that has a handful of receptions is going to get training on the job as the redskins return to practice today. david was installed. and he's taking the assignment solemnly. he was the only redskins player to remain at the park during the buy week to get his study on and get ready. >> i mean, i knew i had responsibility to do and stand in for my teammates and hopefully get better. >> our tight end coach chose to stay here and work and they both showed their commitment to the program and getting better. and i think we'll see that on a football field. >> meanwhile jim zorn revealing today hall will replace him. speaking of the skins, your
11:30 pm
bans, signs and messages still banned. schneider can't take this. not at the game he can't. up load yours at some guys are good, some guys are durable. few guys are both. alex ovechkin is both. caps announcing tonight the two time mvp is week to week with an upper body injury. although he won't say what that injury is. >> what is it? >> huh? >> what is it? >> do you think i'm going to tell. >> can you tell us kind of where it is. >> no. >> you can either say me and my best player is out or you can say pull together and get the job done. >> finally tonight the coolest two-point conversion you'll ever see. will drisko watch him. behind the back. and caught my davis. when you're winning 58-0, you can try stuff like that.
11:31 pm
apparently he's a hotshot. but it worked. so he's a big hero. >> i don't know. >> if they play sweet georgia brown, he would play for the globetrotters. >> isn't it humiliating to the team. >> that's in your face. >> that's 9news now for tonight. we have to go. thanks for staying up with us. letterman is up next. we'll see you tomorrow. bye bye.
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president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia!


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